04 August 2011

The week that was the foil of the other weeks.

This week was the good-natured buddy of all the other weeks, the one who doesn't smash a wall full of pickle jars at the grocery store, or swear at old ladies for driving too slowly. If the other weeks were Goofus, this week was Gallant, for the most part. If the other weeks were cherries overripe enough to constitute an icky, slick mess, this week was a nice, firm, tart cherry at the top of the bag, maybe even with two stems (good luck).

In other words, we kinda got our shit together. We got things done. I have in my possession several obsolete to-do lists which I should probably toss out, because those things are finished. I am 2/3rds of the way done with back to school shopping. Aside: back to school shopping, for kids' uniforms and school supplies, really sucks when you don't have much money. Anyway, I am getting things done, and the universe hasn't been getting in my way, except for right now, as I am craving to eat a cookie, but I absolutely will not. It is not on the list.

For the next five minutes, it's still 8/4/11. I have written five poems since the beginning of the month. Things are going to be okay (I hope).


Kathleen said...

Sounds good! I read & loved Saint Monica, Mary. Wowee wow wow wow!

Claudia Reder said...

I discovered your blog and find Ohio so interesting-
even the photos! I wonder though how you write a poem a day- you are so productive. Do you set yourself exercises? Are you working on a series?
You do get a lot done.

Lyle Daggett said...

"Goofus and Gallant" sounds like it could be the name of comic strip.

Gallant would be the slightly taller one (though not overly tall), and would frequently have small sunbeamish rays of light beaming out from around him.

Goofus would wear large floppy red shoes, a large floppy red hat, and a coat with sleeves that are slightly too long.

They would often be seen tootling around town in a slightly beat-up old geezer of a car, a jalopy sort of thing, with the top down. The car would have one of those "ah-oo-gah!" horns that would be honked by squeezing a rubber bulb. When they honk the horn, the car's headlights would grow temporarily larger, sort of like its eyes were bulging for a moment.

Goofus and Gallant would each have a standard catchphrase that they would repeat periodically in various situations.

Gallant's catchphrase would be, "Well, what a splendiferous shiny new penny of a day!" or slight variations on that. (Cf. sunbeamish thingies, noted above.)

Goofus's catchphrase would be "Well, snuckles! I did it again!" He would have a slightly disheveled look (slightly more than usual) when he says this.

They would have a large, somewhat ungainly but loveable long-eared dog named Wowser. When Wowser barks he says "Wowf! wowf!" Wowser enjoys curling up at Gallant's or Goofus's feet in the evening when they're relaxing at home. (Gallant reads the Weekly Clarion. Goofus reads the Pokeytown Gazette.) Wowser goes nuts when the doorbell rings, falling all over himself racing to the door. During thunderstorms, or when there's a loud noise from somewhere, he dives for cover under the couch.

I think it has possibilities.

marybid said...

Lyle, it is a cartoon, from Highlights for Children. I reckon I like your version better, though.

Kathleen, thank you!

And Claudia, thank YOU! I usually write in a series, but currently I am meandering, and rather enjoying it. What helps is that I put no pressure on myself re: the "quality" of the poems. :)

Michael Meyerhofer said...

Glad to hear it! I've decided that you're like "Dirty Dancing" mixed with "Commando." OK, in my head, that was a really cool compliment...

João Leal said...

Your blog is very beautiful! Maybe you don't say the same to mine.


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