21 August 2011

Wherein the summer ends, and our heroine ponders cheering.

Ultimately, I shall not cheer for the end of this summer, because even though it was a difficult summer (ants! flooding! 70+ year old house breaking every five minutes! no money!) it was still pretty amazing. I'd never spent so much time in my house before, or with my kids, and I loved both of those things. Most days I'd sleep until almost-8 (thank you, Raymond, for finally learning how to sleep) and spend a lot of time chilling, catching up on emails, scrutinizing then purchasing fruit, writing lists, getting sun, eating whatever Eric would bbq for us (hello, zucchini and squash...since when did I become smitten with you).

It was a summer with a leisurely pace, and I learned so much. I read a ton of books FOR FUN. I have over 30 pages of new poems, and the month isn't over yet. I got some poems picked up by magazines. I learned how to bargain shop (and now it totally pains me to see inflated prices--it seems like all I ever buy is food, but I can list strawberry prices for at least five different markets in Akron).

Things I did not do this summer: clean and organize closets, make significant progress on basement organization, lose a ton of weight, go to the shore multiple times, invent a secret cat language, make some art. But oh well. There's always next summer.

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